Top 6 Underground Applications for BlueDuct

BlueDuct is an Excellent Underground Duct Solution for These Top 6 Applications

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Underground duct solutions provide mechanical engineers with a superior option when planning unique facilities with specific requirements. Air distribution can be a challenge for engineers and architects due to space constraints, noise requirements, energy efficiency, and the increased emphasis on IAQ (indoor air quality). Fortunately, air distribution options expand beyond the typical above ground duct systems. Underground ductwork, such as AQC’s BlueDuct®, opens up new possibilities to accomplish unique designs.  The list below notes the top 6 applications that can benefit most from a BlueDuct underground duct system.

1. Custom Homes

BlueDuct is a superior option for custom residential applications. Typical residential duct systems limit an architect’s design options; however, underground duct systems allow for more flexibility. A primary example of an application that requires out of the box thinking is a flat roof or floor to ceiling glass design. The challenge of flat roofs in traditional air distribution systems is the limited space between the roof and ceiling. BlueDuct channels air into homes through the slab, therefore providing an ideal solution. Architects and engineers can also ensure long-lasting energy efficiency for homeowners when specifying AQC’s BlueDuct in residential builds. Subsequently, BlueDuct provides the optimal selection to meet all needs of customer designed homes.

Joachim Church Underground Duct BlueDuct
St. Anne & Joachim Catholic Church Fargo, ND

2. Religious Buildings

Religious facilities need robust, long-lasting HVAC systems. Engineers tailor selection and design to fit this requirement. Buildings of this nature are often around for 100 years or more, so they need a system with longevity to withstand the test of time. BlueDuct is manufactured from HDPE, specifically designed to withstand environments that typically would corrode, like sheet metal. This increases the lifespan of the underground duct and its integrity. Additionally, high and vaulted ceilings are a hallmark feature of many religious buildings, which has long been a challenge for engineers and architects when designing these facilities to meet IAQ standards. Underground duct systems are ideal for providing displacement ventilation and versatility in the design of high open ceilings.

3. Healthcare Facilities

IAQ is the most important factor for healthcare facilities when considering HVAC design. The superior design choice of underground duct systems supports the industry’s emphasis on patient and provider health and safety. The chosen air distribution system needs to eliminate airborne disease transmission chances and mitigate contaminants such as mold and mildew. This is extremely important for patients in healthcare facilities so that they do not become more ill. Underground ductwork systems, such as BlueDuct, maintain the highest standards of IAQ and help to facilitate displacement ventilation.  Furthermore, the near-nil leakage attained only by BlueDuct, ensures system air integrity while maintaining the highest degree of energy efficiency. These benefits make BlueDuct a fitting option for the particular needs of healthcare facilities.

4. Libraries

The primary concern for library HVAC design is noise. Occupants in libraries may be distracted if fans begin making loud operational noise. Classic air distribution systems are notorious for higher decibel output, contrary to passive ventilation systems. Underground ductwork is a premium option for passive ventilation and provides airflow noise reduction. The second most important consideration for libraries is energy efficiency. Some libraries hold a special collection of books and documents. These collections may require 24/7 climate control, which may become expensive without an efficient air distribution system.  Finally, passive ventilation with The BlueDuct is the best way to achieve maximum energy efficiency.

OCCC Performing Arts Center
OCCC Visual and Performing Arts Center Oklahoma City, OK

5. Auditoriums and Performing Arts Centers

Auditoriums, like libraries, require minimized noise from the ventilation system. Performers must be easily heard and the acoustics preserved. Additionally, the unique layout of auditoriums and performing art centers requires air distribution with low supply air diffusers and high return air diffusers. This distinct necessity makes underground air distribution with BlueDuct an ideal solution by placing the supply air at floor level.

The BlueDuct&reg Install at a Natatorium
Sanford YMCA Natatorium Fargo, ND

6. Natatoriums & Indoor Pools

Natatoriums or indoor pools are similar to the other top underground duct applications in that they have unique air system needs. Humidity levels are an important aspect for engineers selecting HVAC systems in natatoriums and indoor pool facilities. If not designed properly, the integrity of a building could be at stake.  Underground duct is a common solution to the challenging requirements of these types of buildings.  The supply air is integrated along the exterior walls and windows to prevent condensation. Additionally, fan energy consumption with 24/7 operation of the fans to dehumidify the space is imperative. Minimal leakage is crucial for optimal energy efficiency. BlueDuct has unmatched near-nil leakage compared to leak-prone galvanized sheet metal air distribution systems.  This minimal level of leakage has a significant impact on energy savings for the duct system’s life. The lifespan of BlueDuct far exceeds classic rooftop galvanized sheet metal duct systems.

BlueDuct Offers an Excellent Solution to Your Underground Duct Needs

The common theme for each project type listed above is their unique air distribution system requirements. Minimal noise, superior IAQ, and unmatched energy efficiency are all attainable with the quality air distribution provided by AQC’s BlueDuct. This innovative underground duct system is engineered to be the best option across the most challenging applications since its debut in 2001. The design and function provide project designers with a creative flexibility that is not available with classic duct systems.

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