Q Shed®: Prevent Rusting and Molding

Q Shed® Effectively Maintains Duct Integrity

Q Shed® is an optional sloped roof that is an optional add on for the prevention of water accumulation and increased thermal energy performance. Many traditional outdoor duct systems suffer from water pooling on top of the ducts. Moreover, this results in mold, mildew, and rust, which can eventually make its way into the duct system and diminish the air quality of the system. Additionally, Q Duct®’s patent-pending sloped roof design ensures water quickly sheds from the duct surface.

Q Shed

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Thermal Energy

Unmatched thermal performance by Q Duct®’s patented interlocking flange-less connection results in industry-leading low leakage and maximum energy efficiency. Q Duct® is the sole phenolic duct system with no through metal at the connection joint so it’s lighter than competitors.

Q Duct® Features

✅Interlocking design with a quadruple seal
✅Meets UL 181
✅Meets ASTM E84 flame and smoke requirements, 25/50
✅Self-insulated—no need for insulation subcontractors
✅Interior and exterior layers resist mold, mildew, UV and extreme weather conditions
✅Contains no microfibers, CFC or HCFC
✅Thermal break design with no through metal
✅Industry-leading warranty

Q Duct® Benefits

✅Saves energy, space as well as labor
✅Improved indoor air quality (IAQ)
✅Significantly lowers air and water leakage compared to exterior insulated sheet metal systems
✅Durable, yet lightweight
✅Fast and easy installation
✅Significant installed cost-savings over traditional exterior duct systems
✅Installed by certified contractors
✅Virtually maintenance-free
✅Can contribute toward LEED points