Q Rail®: Easy Duct Mounting

Q Rail® Enables Fast and Easy Duct Mounting

Q Duct’s patent-pending support mounting system, Q Rail, utilizes an external channel strut connected to the internal bracing structure of the Q Duct® system. The innovative Q Rail allows for quick and easy mounting of ducts to support rails for both horizontal and vertical mounting orientations, saving contractors time and money​.

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What is Q Duct®?

Q Duct® Outdoor Pre-Insulated Duct System is engineered for exterior applications and constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions in all climates. Q Duct® is comprised of multiple layers of rigid thermoset phenolic insulation panels laminated together to form a composite interlocking duct system with redundant seals for maximum energy efficiency. Each phenolic panel is both internally & externally lined with a thermally bonded embossed aluminum cladding providing sequential layers of fiber-free high-performance insulation and corrosion-resistant ingress protection. Q Duct®’s exterior can incorporate an optional sloped roof fabricated from impact-resistant closed-cell tapered insulation panels to prevent water accumulation & increased thermal energy performance. Finally, Q Duct® receives an external layer of an all-weather, low permeability, multi-layered aluminum laminate cladding for enhanced ingress protection from the elements.

Q Duct® Features

✅Interlocking design with a quadruple seal
✅Meets UL 181
✅Meets ASTM E84 flame and smoke requirements, 25/50
✅Self-insulated—no need for insulation subcontractors
✅Interior and exterior layers resist mold, mildew, UV, and extreme weather conditions
✅Contains no microfibers, CFC or HCFC
✅Thermal break design with no through metal
✅Industry-leading warranty

Q Duct® Benefits

✅Saves energy, space, and labor
✅Improved indoor air quality (IAQ)
✅Significantly lowers air and water leakage compared to exterior insulated sheet metal systems
✅Durable, yet lightweight
✅Fast and easy installation
✅Significant installed cost-savings over traditional exterior duct systems
✅Installed by certified contractors
✅Virtually maintenance-free
✅Can contribute toward LEED points