Q Duct® Testimonial Says it All

Customer’s Q Duct Testimonial Highlights Ease of Installation

Check out this recent Q Duct testimonial from one of our customers. Not only does Q Duct require no additional insulation or weatherproofing, but Q Duct sections are also delivered pre-assembled to the job site making it easy to install!

Q Duct systems do not require training in welding, metalworking, or other high skill trades for installation compared to other available options. Q Duct’s joints & fittings arrive on-site entirely fabricated, ready for joining and mounting to support system. Contractors have told us the Q Duct system installs in half the time of other metal & phenolic outdoor duct systems. Additionally, the Q Duct system is pre-insulated from the factory, eliminating the need to hire an additional contractor to perform insulation and cladding.

QDuct Testimonial

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Q Duct Features

✅ Interlocking design with a quadruple seal
✅ Meets UL 181
✅ Meets ASTM E84 flame as well as smoke requirements, 25/50
✅ Self-insulated, resulting in no need for insulation subcontractors
✅ Interior and exterior layers resist mold, mildew, UV as well as extreme weather conditions
✅ Contains no microfibers, CFC or HCFC
✅ Thermal break design with no through metal
✅ Industry-leading warranty

Q Duct Benefits

✅ Saves energy, space and labor
✅ Improved indoor air quality (IAQ)
✅ Significantly lowers air and water leakage compared to exterior insulated sheet metal systems
✅ Especially Durable, as well as lightweight
✅ Fast and easy installation
✅ Significantly reduced installation cost compared to traditional exterior duct systems
✅ Installed by certified contractors
✅ Virtually maintenance free
✅ Can contribute toward LEED points