Project: Cloquet Schools Independent School District No. 94

Cloquet Schools Upgraded to Q Duct®

AQC Industries assisted on the Cloquet Schools Independent School District No. 94 job, located in Northern Minnesota, near Duluth. The scope of this project was the result of a $15.9 million bond referendum that included work at five schools within the district, including Washington and Churchill Elementary School. The work included replacing damaged and destroyed outdoor duct. This project began at the beginning of Summer and completed on time, before the start of the Fall school year.


The biggest challenge the team came across during this project was the deterioration of the existing outdoor duct system. The duct had rot, compromised insulation, and diminished R-value. Hallberg Engineering weighed the costs of repairing the old system or installing a new Q Duct® system; it was evident that Q Duct® was the best solution. The cost to insulate the existing duct exceeded the investment of installing brand new Q Duct®. This evaluation saved the school’s money and providing the ability to rest assured, knowing that they were installing a quality product that will last years to come.


Because of the condition of the pre-existing duct, Q Duct® offered distinct advantages when presented to Hallberg Engineering to replace the existing duct. Q Duct® was determined to be the best option available in terms of the least amount of leakage, thermal integrity, and price point. During the process, SVL assisted in budgeting, design drawings, and specifications for bidding. Both Cloquet schools utilized Q Duct®‘s new features, such as the sloped roof (Q Shed®), to prevent water pooling and the quick support mounting system (Q Rail®) that saves contractors time AND money. “My expected outcome was that the owner would have the best outdoor insulted duct for the next 20 years”, said SVL’s team when asked why Q Duct® was the product of choice for these projects.


The Cloquet schools were delighted with the results. The SVL team complimented AQC for ensuring accuracy Churchill- Cloquet Schoolson the bill of materials, and the contractor installed the Q Duct® system correctly. As with all AQC product installations, the installation contractors went through product training before installation. AQC also provided on-site installation training to oversee the process and to ensure any questions would be able to be addressed on the spot.

About Q Duct

AQC’s Q Duct® withstands the harsh weather. It requires no additional insulation or weatherproofing, and the sections arrive pre-assembled ready for installation. Because of Q Duct®‘s unique design, it installs in a fraction of the time of sheet metal duct. This time-saving design results in saving money and labor. You can purchase Q Duct® through a nation-wide network of knowledgeable representatives and distributors.

About the Rep

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