The Benefits of PalDuct™ and Innovative Design Optimize Efficiency

The Benefits of PalDuct Prove Its Value

The benefits of PalDuct set it far above the competition. It is a highly efficient ductwork system that benefits like better air quality, minimal leakage, and fast installation. This product’s benefits will save you time and money during your next project. Invented in 1965 by Claudio Ferraro, the system is constructed with a phenolic insulation core, faced on both sides with an aluminum-coated, corrosion-resistant polymer. Additionally, this system is available in indoor and outdoor versions.

Benefits of PalDuct™

✅Superior indoor air quality (IAQ)
✅Saves 6 to 8 inches of space normally needed to field-insulate
✅Minimal air leakage
✅Energy efficient
✅Fast, easy installation
✅Cleanable interior and exterior
✅Engineering and CAD support services
✅Can contribute to LEED® points
✅Available nationwide

Features of PalDuct™

✅Fully sealed
✅Indoor and waterproof outdoor versions
✅Free of microfibers, CFCs and HCFCs
✅ASTM E84 25/50 compliant
✅Lightweight, yet durable
✅Complete system
✅Flush installation

PalDuct™’s Common 

✅Bank and retail
✅Health care and senior living facilities
✅Indoor pools and gymnasiums
✅Museums and entertainment facilities
✅Offices and manufacturing plants
✅Daycare centers, schools and universities
✅Warehouses and distribution centers
✅And more

Benefits of PalDuct

PalDuct can be purchase through a nationwide network of distributors and reps. Click here to learn more about PalDuct.