Q Duct v.s. Old Duct

Low Leakage Duct

The Leading Low Leakage Duct

Take a look at this low leakage duct, Q Duct®, job by Cors Air! The competitor’s duct has damage and rust throughout. Q Duct significantly lowers air and water leakage compared to exterior insulated sheet metal systems.

Unlike other traditional systems on the market, Q Duct’s quadruple interlocking system- Q Lok, features redundant seals to help ensure industry-leading low leakage & maximum energy efficiency. This additional feature is easy and fast to install, saving both time and money during the building process.

About Q Duct

AQC expertly engineers Q Duct for exterior use that is built tough. As a result, Q Duct Outdoor Preinsulated Duct System is constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions in all climates. Using custom fabrication of two layers of rigid UL 181 Pal phenolic core material. The duct is faced on all sides with coated aluminum and an exterior multilayered laminate jacketing material. Furthermore, Q Duct requires no additional insulation or weatherproofing, Q Duct sections are delivered pre-assembled to the job site ready for installation by a trained contractor. The product’s unique design easily installs in a fraction of the time of traditional insulated sheet metal duct, saving money and labor.

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