Q Duct® v.s. Old Duct

Low Leakage Duct

The Leading Low Leakage Duct

Take a look at this low leakage duct, Q Duct®, job by Cors Air! The competitor’s duct has damage and rust throughout. Q Duct significantly lowers air and water leakage compared to exterior insulated sheet metal systems.

Unlike other traditional systems on the market, Q Duct’s quadruple interlocking system- Q Lok®, features redundant seals to help ensure industry-leading low leakage & maximum energy efficiency. This additional feature is easy and fast to install, saving both time and money during the building process.


E.M. CORSON AND ASSOCIATES, INC. started in 1965. Through 55 years of hard and honest work, CORS-AIR has become South Florida’s leading manufacturer’s representative firm in the HVAC industry. They have grown from the meager beginnings of two small rented offices and three salesmen/owners. They have offices and warehouse facilities located in Broward and Palm Beach counties.

CORS-AIR manufacturers, such as AQC, provide valuable training to the CORS-AIR sales team, keeping them up to date on the latest changes in technology and in their quality products. Furthermore, Cors-Air proudly supports ASHRAE and has involvement in the local chapters. The highest quality of service and products are always provided. They open their doors to engineers and architects alike and assist them in any way they can to provide the best service possible. This unrivaled combination of experience and dedication to the HVAC industry is the foundation of CORS-AIR’s success.

About Q Duct

Q Duct is built tough and expertly engineered for exterior use. As a result, Q Duct Outdoor Preinsulated Duct System withstands harsh weather conditions in all climates. Custom fabrication of the duct includes two layers of rigid UL 181 Pal phenolic core material. The duct maintains a coated aluminum facing on all sides and an exterior multilayered laminate jacketing material. Furthermore, Q Duct requires no additional insulation or weatherproofing. Pre-assembled Q Duct sections are delivered to the job site ready for installation by a trained contractor. The product’s unique design easily installs in a fraction of time compared to traditional insulated sheet metal duct, saving money and labor.

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