Introducing A New AQC Brand Identity

A Modern AQC Brand Identity for the Future

AQC Industries is thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand identity. Our business has grown and evolved over the years and with that our brand has too. The updated brand is a reflection of our evolution as a company and is in line with our efforts to modernize how our customers think about duct solutions.

After careful consideration, the creative team put their heads together to create a new logo representative of AQC’s products, industry, and innovation. You’ll notice new and refreshed identity elements, like our brighter colors, bold design, and incorporation of symbology. Opting to keep the main color scheme the same, we introduced a crisp green as our accent color. This is a nod towards the sustainability of our products, both in the environment and in product longevity. It was not only fitting but necessary to tie land and air into our refreshed logo design.

AQC Brand Infographic

In addition to our company logo, we have updated our product logos for BlueDuct and Q Duct as well, tying in the same design elements that are now a part of our brand logo.

BlueDuct_Web Logo         QDuct_Logo_Web

Unveiling May 2019

Our new look goes live in May 2019 and will be implemented across all platforms, both print and digital. We are excited that our new brand identity is representative of our capabilities and continued commitment to the industry.

With this, you will see a cohesive brand image from AQC Industries in the coming months across several documents. In conclusion, If you have used the AQC Industries logo or the former product logos in any of your marketing materials, please assist us in updating them. We appreciate your support. For updated literature and logos contact

Explore the AQC website to see all the places that have been updated.