Save Your View. Go Blue.

Save Your View From Obstructions | Use The high-density polyethylene duct- BlueDuct®

The BlueDuct® is the only proven, direct-burial underground duct system made from ultra-durable, advanced HDPE (high-density polyethylene duct). It can protect against corrosion, mold and mildew, radon, rust, and air leaks. Additionally, The BlueDuct® systems have been installed in thousands of buildings, for over a decade, with trouble-free, long-term performance. Save Your View. Go With The BlueDuct®.

High-Density Polyethylene

✅ No Visible Duct or Space Constraint
✅ Passive Displacement Ventilation
✅ Quiet Operation
✅ Superior Energy Performance
✅ Optimal IAQ By Design
✅ High-Density Polyethylene Duct

Learn more about The BlueDuct® here.

Direct Bury
There is no need for field insulation, field vapor barrier, or field concrete encasement (eliminating the need for two separate concrete pours). Instead, simply “direct bury” The BlueDuct® onto the foam trench blocks, and backfill with pea gravel or dry silica sand.

Fast and Easy Installation
The only underground duct system specifically designed for underground installation is The BlueDuct®. Additionally, our system is fast and easy to install. Subsequently, many contractors have commented that our system takes one-quarter to one-half of the time it takes to install a PVC coated spiral or fiberglass system.

We care about the individual success of each job. We provide free training to help ensure your installation is successful and problem-free. Your win is our win!