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SVL Inc Uses PalDuct™ to Increase Efficiency

PalDuct™ for Greater Efficiency Check out this PalDuct job done by SVL, Inc. PalDuct™ is a highly efficient ductwork system that distributes cleaner air. The system is constructed with a phenolic insulation core, faced on both sides with an aluminum-coated and corrosion-resistant polymer.   What is PalDuct™? Pre-insulated Ducting System is a highly efficient innovative technology [...]

Q Duct® v.s. Old Duct

The Leading Low Leakage Duct Take a look at this low leakage duct, Q Duct®, job by Cors Air! The competitor’s duct has damage and rust throughout. Q Duct significantly lowers air and water leakage compared to exterior insulated sheet metal systems. Unlike other traditional systems on the market, Q Duct’s quadruple interlocking system- Q […]

Displacement Ventilation Drastically Improves Indoor Air Quality

The BlueDuct® Improves IAQ On Your Displacement Ventilation Projects Displacement ventilation is the ideal solution for greater Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for many office spaces, schools, as well as commercial buildings. One of our representatives, Buckley Assocaiates Inc., used BlueDuct for several underground duct applications. In contrast to traditional mixed-flow ventilation systems, displacement ventilation (DV) […]

BlueDuct System Testimonial

BlueDuct® Received Another Glowing Testimonial AQC received another testimonial about a customer’s experience with a BlueDuct installation at their facility. This system offers fast and easy installation with problem-free, long-life performance. We love getting such great customer feedback! Click here to see how BlueDuct® can save you time, and contact to learn more. BlueDuct  […]

Q Rail®: Easy Duct Mounting

Q Rail® Enables Fast and Easy Duct Mounting Q Duct's patent-pending support mounting system, Q Rail, utilizes an external channel strut connected to the internal bracing structure of the Q Duct® system. The innovative Q Rail allows for quick and easy mounting of ducts to support rails for both horizontal and vertical mounting orientations, saving [...]

Advantages of PalDuct™

PalDuct™ Has a Lightweight Design That Ensures Clean Air Distribution AQC Industries is a PalDuct™ delivery partner. Invented in 1965, PalDuct is a highly efficient ductwork system that distributes cleaner air. A phenolic insulation core, faced on both sides with aluminum coated with a corrosion-resistant polymer makes up this system. The system is available in […]

The BlueDuct® is Now in Sacramento

Take a look at this The BlueDuct® job done by Norman S. Wright Mechanical Equipment Corporation in Sacramento! The BlueDuct® protects against corrosion, mold and mildew, radon, rust, as well as air leaks. Also, it specifically addresses issues common to competitive underground air ductwork. Advanced design and materials allow The BlueDuct® system to meet all [...]