Exploring Duct Solutions & Building Energy Efficiency

Texas Air Products Explores Building Energy Efficiency at the Recent AQC University

AQC U Proper Duct Design

AQC Industries was proud to partner with our rep, Texas Air Products for a recent AQC University session. With several educational happy hour sessions under our belt, AQC University has successfully positioned reps firms as the educational leader in their territory throughout the year. This ASHRAE style seminar/hospitality event has allowed engineers and owners to learn how duct design affects building energy efficiency, gain PDH credits and socialize. As a result, this approach is proving to be very successful. It allows both AQC and the firm to reach a larger number of engineers, owners, and contractors with a single presentation. In other words, AQC University seminars are focused on positioning YOU, the rep, as the local advisors to your customers.

Proper Duct Design and Building Energy Efficiency

AQC U Texas Air Products Proper Duct Design Building Energy Efficiency

The educational sessions provide a platform for discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of duct solutions currently on the market. A well-designed ductwork system should deliver maximum interior comfort at the lowest operating cost while also preserving indoor air quality. While poorly designed ducts result in discomfort, high energy costs, bad air quality, leakage, and increased noise levels. The discussion will detail out all solutions on the market so your customers can make the best choice for their application.

AQC University Provides Value to Texas Air Products Building Energy Efficiency Customers

AQC University sessions were held at both the Texas Air Products Austin and San Antonio locations. These well-attended sessions provided a fun new spin on the traditional educational sessions. “(AQC University) combines something fun with the product education” Andy Collier, Texas Air Systems. Held in the office and a local restaurant/brewery, the attendees enjoyed the presentation, social hour, and a chance to get hands-on with the AQC products and ask questions.

Be the Local Educational Resource to Your Customers

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