BlueDuct System Testimonial

BlueDuct® Received Another Glowing Testimonial

AQC received another testimonial about a customer’s experience with a BlueDuct installation at their facility. This system offers fast and easy installation with problem-free, long-life performance. We love getting such great customer feedback!

The BlueDuct System Testinmonal Testimonials

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BlueDuct  is an underground HDPE air duct system explicitly designed for underground or below slab forced air systems. This system meets all codes for underground duct in the United States. No other underground duct on the market can make that claim. Notably, BlueDuct addresses common shortfalls and issues such as air leakage, mold, mildew, radon, inadequate thermal efficiency, difficulty installing insulation in the field, corrosion, sustainability, and challenges adequately demonstrate the seal test.

HDPE, used in the manufacturing process of BlueDuct, is an innovative technique to increase inherent insulation capability. Additionally, HDPE results in a self-insulated final product that is lightweight and easy to install. The ICC conducted a detailed analysis, verifying that HDPE is a component of BlueDuct‘s manufacturing process. Furthermore, ICC regularly visits our manufacturing sites, and they agree to keep our HDPE definition, which we have held with ICC for over a decade.

We strongly recommend installing contractors attend AQC’s installation training program before installation to ensure proper installation of  BlueDuct. To complete this program, AQC offers training webinars at no charge.