BlueDuct Installation is Fast and Easy to Keep Your Job on Schedule

BlueDuct Installation is Faster and Easier Than Other Underground Systems

how quick easy to install blueduct aqc underground duct
No heavy equipment is necessary to move and install BlueDuct underground ductwork.

BlueDuct® installation is fast and efficient to keep your project on schedule. When considering underground duct systems, it is critical to acknowledge time and ease of installation because they can make or break a project timeline. AQC Industries BlueDuct is specifically engineered with convenience in mind, from shipping to installation and closeout for installers.

Three Stages of BlueDuct Installation

BlueDuct installation consists of three phases. The first stage is digging the trenches. The second stage is the installation of the duct system into the trenches. The third stage is backfilling the trenches to prepare for the concrete slab. Typically mechanical contractors don’t do the trench digging or backfilling, so we can’t speak to the time requirements for those phases of the process. What we can quantify is the speed that BlueDuct can go into the trenches and be secured. BlueDuct requires only two people and no heavy equipment for most projects, which can significantly cut installation costs and the time dedicated to this phase. All of the following time estimates assume a two-person installation team.

Into the Trenches

Most mechanical equipment and ductwork systems need heavy equipment, such as a crane to move them around job sites. These machines take significant time, from booking, confirmation to getting on-site and completing tasks. They are also expensive to rent or own. BlueDuct’s design offers superior time savings to anything else on the market, with its ability to be easily moved around the job site. Two people can carry nearly all of our standard pieces without difficulty. This translates to quickly getting your duct from the staging area into the trench without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

BlueDuct Flanged Joints

BlueDuct has two different joining systems. For larger diameter duct, the flanged joints are the best choice. Customers are frequently surprised by the quick installation of the BlueDuct flanged joining system.

Typical installation times for a flanged BlueDuct:

  • 20”-30” diameter: 10 -15 min. per connection
  • 36” – 48” diameter: 25 – 30 min. per connection

For an even faster installation, we recommend using battery-operated caulk guns. Check out the video below to see how fast and easy it is to install flanged BlueDuct.

how quick is it to install blueduct aqc underground duct

Non-Flanged Connections

Believe it or not, our non-flanged ductwork is even easier to install than our flanged version. BlueDuct pieces 18″ in diameter and below use non-flanged connections. A clamp and gasket system is fast and effective for a lasting connection.

Typical non-flanged connection installation time for BlueDuct:

  • 8”-18” diameter: 1- 5 min/connection

Check out the video below to see just how quickly a non-flanged connection is made.

How quick is is to install blueduct awc underground duct

Other Components For Installation

AQC’s BlueDuct is a complete underground system. We provide everything from the diffuser boxes to plenum boxes and everything needed for a long-lasting underground ductwork system. All of our other parts are just as easy to install as our flanged and non-flanged ductwork.

BlueDuct has a long list of standard parts, and although we don’t have install times for each part, here are installation times for some of the most common parts:

  • Diffuser assembly: 5 – 10 minutes
  • Saddle Taps: 8 – 10 minutes
  • Making cuts: 1 – 2 minutes

If you are interested in seeing how quickly AQC’s other components install, check out our YouTube channel.

Finishing Out the Installation

BlueDuct is pre-insulated and crush-resistant, meaning once the duct is installed, there is no need to field insulate or encase in concrete. This feature provides even more time savings compared to other underground duct options. Additionally, pressure testing is always a good idea to give you peace of mind for a low leakage system. The final step to finishing out the BlueDuct installation phase is to backfill.

Blueduct installation fast and east AQC underground duct
BlueDuct installed on a job site.

BlueDuct Installation Saves Your Project Time

Contractors often overestimate BlueDuct installation labor time. However, due to the intuitive design, the simplicity of the installation process, and the ease of moving the pieces around, it is easier to install than other underground ducts. BlueDuct is lightweight, which makes job site transportation fast. Flanged connections take between 10 and 30 minutes per connection, depending on the diameter of the BlueDuct pieces. Non-flanged BlueDuct connections significantly cut the time required to 1-5 minutes. Additionally, other BlueDuct parts join in similar time frames depending on the diameter of the part. Furthermore, concrete encasement and insulation are not necessary for BlueDuct, thanks to its unique design. After pressure testing and backfilling, your project timeline can proceed with an efficient start.

BlueDuct Provides Maximum Efficiency

BlueDuct not only saves time on the job site but also provides long-term efficiency and cost savings. The underground duct system leads the industry in leakage rates, maximizing the efficiency of your ductwork. Low-leakage and IAQ (indoor air quality) go hand in hand for this system, with its resistance to mold and other contaminant growth. Furthermore, BlueDuct requires no additional insulation, which saves on additional components compared to other options. Finally, it does not deteriorate like metal duct, which rusts on rooftops.

About AQC Industries

AQC Industries’ owners and managers are leaders in the residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC industry. Our mission is to transform an often overlooked but critical solution for the HVAC industry: underground duct systems. Furthermore, AQC engineers, technicians, and representatives work closely with customers to provide high-quality, consistent CAD services and training. Finally, its underground, outdoor, and indoor duct systems are available through a network of distributors and representatives across North America.


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