AQC University: How to Save Energy ($) with Proper Duct Design


At the 2019 ASHRAE meetings in Atlanta, AQC discussed rolling out our first sessions of AQC University. Our goal is to position your firm as an educational resource to your customers. Partnering with you to host an ASHRAE style seminar/hospitality event where engineers and owners can learn about the “Benefits of Proper Duct Design”, gain PDH credits and socialize. As a result, this approach is proving to be very successful. It allows both AQC and the representative firm to reach a larger number of engineers, owners, and contractors with a single presentation. In other words, AQC University seminars are focused on positioning YOU as the local advisors to your customers.


AQC University: The Benefits of Duct Design

The educational sessions provide a platform for discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of duct solutions currently on the market. A well-designed ductwork system should deliver maximum interior comfort at the lowest operating cost while also preserving indoor air quality. While poorly designed ducts result in discomfort, high energy costs, bad air quality, and increased noise levels. AQC University will detail out the pros and cons of each of these solutions so your customers can make the best choice for their application.

Sterling Minter Addresses Duct Design

Presenter, Sterling Minter has been the National Sales Manager of AQC Industries since 2014. He is responsible for overseeing the sales team for AQC as well as account development for manufacturer’s reps located in the US, Canada, and the Middle East. Sterling’s experience with ductwork is unmatched. He uses his first-hand experience to outline the benefits, best design practices and applications for Displacement Ventilation, Underground Duct, and Pre-Insulated Ducting.

AQC University serves as a learning tool for your customers, not a sales pitch. The information is relevant to engineers, owners, and contractors. AQC has partnered with several reps for successful presentations this year. Previous AQC Universities included multiple lunch sessions or happy hours at offices, breweries, and TopGolf!

AQC University Provides Value to Metro Air Products Customers

“It was a pleasure hosting AQC-University here in NJ for some of the Top Engineers in our area. Sterling’s PDH presentation went very smoothly, with some great interaction with our Engineers.  Everyone was attentive and really appreciated the environment of the event at Top Golf.  Additionally, It was really great to see so many engineers and customers interacting. I would highly recommend hosting an AQC University, as it will bring great insight to all the advantages AQC brings to the table.”

Michael Lombardi, Metro Air Products, May 8th AQC University session.

Be the Local Educational Resource to Your Customers

Are you ready to host an AQC session?

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