Advantages of PalDuct™

PalDuct™ Has a Lightweight Design That Ensures Clean Air Distribution

AQC Industries is a PalDuct™ delivery partner. Invented in 1965, PalDuct is a highly efficient ductwork system that distributes cleaner air. A phenolic insulation core, faced on both sides with aluminum coated with a corrosion-resistant polymer makes up this system. The system is available in indoor as well as outdoor versions.

What is PalDuct™?

Pre-insulated Ducting Systems are a highly efficient innovative technology for the manufacturing of revolutionary foam-based pre-insulated ductwork for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems as an alternative to sheet metal ductwork. Furthermore, PAL Pre-insulated Ducting System provides a wide range of accessories and consumption materials that allow the assembly of any shape and dimensions of ducts, using few and simple tools. During all production phases, from the choices of raw materials and the production process to the final product evaluation, maintain quality parameters. Training courses ensure procedures are performed as instructed, providing high-quality final products to meet every need in HVAC installations.



✅Fully sealed
✅Indoor and waterproof outdoor versions
✅Free of microfibers, CFCs as well as HCFCs
✅ASTM E84 25/50 compliant
✅Lightweight, yet durable
✅Weighs 80% less than typical sheet metal ductwork
✅Complete system; all necessary components
✅Flush installation


✅Banks and retail
✅Health care and senior living facilities
✅Indoor pools and gymnasiums
✅Museums and entertainment facilities
✅Offices and manufacturing plants
✅Daycare centers, schools, as well as universities
✅Warehouses and distributions centers
✅And more…


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