Careers At AQC Industries

Shipping Assistant

Location: Blaine, MN


AQC’s products, QDuct®, PalDuct™ and The BlueDuct®, have revolutionized air-duct systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications. AQC’s factory-made, pre-insulated ductwork products are advanced alternatives to fiberglass and metal ductwork for a wide range of applications with many benefits, including energy efficiency, indoor air quality, labor savings, and sustainable objectives.

AQC engineers, technicians and representatives work closely with customers to provide consistent high-quality engineered solutions, CAD services and contractor installation training. AQC’s underground, outdoor and indoor air duct systems are offered through knowledgeable distributors and representatives throughout North America.

Job posting:

 The AQC Shipping Assistant is responsible for packaging the majority of AQC BlueDuct orders and preparing them for shipping. This includes using a forklift to pull gaylords for picking parts, moving pallets around, and loading trucks. Most of the time spent in this position will be pulling and packaging orders for shipping. This position will also assist the manager in scheduling trucks for pickup, receiving shipments from suppliers, put-away of newly received parts, packaging parcel orders for UPS, and more. 

Essential Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Shipping Duties
    • Receiving and reviewing orders received from the Customer Service team
    • Picking and palletizing BlueDuct parts in preparation for shipping
    • Building special pallets as necessary for large/unusual parts 
    • Inspect parts as you pull/palletize to ensure they meet AQC standards 
    • Assist in pulling and packaging BlueDuct parts for AQC’s California Regional Warehouse 
    • Pull and package small parcel orders to be shipped via UPS 
    • Double-check every order that you pull to ensure counts are accurate compared to shipping paperwork
      • Fill out shipping paperwork as you pull orders to keep track of progress and counts
    • Assist in scheduling trucks for pickup using our specific logistics providers 
    • Loading pallets and loose parts onto trucks
    • Communicate with Shipping Manager and Customer Service team when questions/issues arise 
  •  Receiving Duties
    • Unload trucks from AQC’s various suppliers, count the parts received, and compare the count to the packing slip to ensure accurate counts 
    • Inspect parts for conformance to AQC standards and criteria. Ensuring all parts are usable and salable 
    • Examine and count returned parts to confirm quantities and conformance to AQC standards and criteria for re-salable parts
      • Review with Shipping Manager when judgments must be made 
    •  Put away stock parts in a logical manner using racking and pipe bays to ensure efficiency when pulling and packaging orders 
    • Collaborate with the Shipping Manager and Supply Chain Manager when questions arise 
  • Internal Process 
    •  Flatten specific BlueDuct stock parts using a torch 
    • Assist in performing cycle counts and end-of-year inventory count 
    • Re-packaging specific BlueDuct parts into salable quantities 
    • Move inventory around the warehouse to ensure optimal storage placement 
    • Assist production team with moving inventory when necessary 
  • Competencies 
    •  Minimum 12 months experience in a shipping position
    •  Experience interfacing with inventory/warehouse management software and Microsoft Office preferred
    •  Experience working with Microsoft Great Plains is a plus
  • Attention to Detail
    • Orders shipping out of the AQC warehouse must have correct parts and accurate counts 
    • All parts shipping out of the warehouse must meet AQC acceptability standards 
  • Forklift Training and Experience
    • Operating a forklift will be a daily requirement of this position, at times needing to reach up to shelves 15+ feet high 
  • Time Management
    •  All orders must be packaged and ready to ship within a few days of receiving from the Customer Service team, this requires good time management 
  • Teamwork
    • Working with the Shipping Manager and Customer Service team is critical to ensuring a successful shipping operation. Comfort with communicating with the team is critical